Special Mate Tackle Box

The Best Tackle Box for Hanging Spoons and Body Baits

Trying to keep your hanging spoons sorted and your body baits accessible when you get out on the water is critical. Not all tackle boxes keep you in mind and make it easy to organize your fishing gear. Fortunately, Special Mate has you covered.

Benefits of Special Mate Tackle Boxes

Anytime you are looking to invest in a quality tackle box, you are looking for benefits that are offered and why you should choose that particular box.


When you purchase a Special Mate Tackle Box, the best feature is the level of organization that is offered. There are different sized boxes available, but all of them are designed to keep your bait, lures, spoons, and anything else within safe and secure during transportation.

Flip dividers in the box ensure that there are no tangles in the body bait. Spoon dividers also make it easy to organize and grab your favorite ones, especially when you get to your favorite fishing spot. Nothing can ruin a good fishing trip more than having the drive and then the travel to the boat shake up the contents on your tackle box and have everything mixed together.

USA Made

Another great feature of this tackle box is that it is manufactured right in the United States. Right in the state of Michigan where fishing is a passion of the people, professional and devoted fishermen have spent time perfecting this box to meet your needs when you fish in freshwater lakes and rivers across the country.

Stay Organized and Fish Longer!

When you go out fishing, it should be relaxing and something that you enjoy stress-free. When you are not organized or your tackle box is not meeting your standards, this can defeat the entire purpose of the trip. If you spend more time trying to organize your bait and spoons after you get to your spot, you miss out on prime fishing time. We have a list of essentials you should bring in your tackle box, check it out here!

In your tackle box, you can store different items that you may not always need, but when the time comes, it is great to have. These boxes also protect your gear. Fishing gear is an investment in your hobby. A quality tackle box is an investment into that hobby and should have different organizers to properly store your gear. You want a tackle box that offers certain areas for your spoons, your bait, and your lure. Also, it should be large enough to carry the extra line, your fishing license, measuring tape for your fish, and various hook sizes. Here’s a helpful list of 5 Tips for Organizing Your Tackle Box!

Choose The Right Special Mate Tackle Box For You!

Depending on how much fixing gear you have, you can choose from several size options when you are selecting your tackle box. For beginners, the Small 5″ Special Mate will get you started with up to 225 spoon rests and 128 bait options within. As you gather more fishing gear over time, you can upgrade your toolbox to the Medium 8″ or the Tall 13″ that is meant to hold the largest vertical baits and spoons. These dividers are 13 inches tall and make access to any of your lures and bait easy. If you do not currently have a tackle box and looking to make the switch, visit our options online today to see which Special Mate tackle box is right for you.