Fishing with spoon lures

How To Fish With Spoon Lures

From novice fishers to master fishermen, using spoon lures is a popular practice among seamen of all stripes. These versatile lures are essential for any tackle box. They attract fish with their shine and wobble. By attaching them through a barrel swivel to your line, you’ll increase your chances of catching a keeper.

What are Spoon Lures Used for?

Spoon lures are used to attract larger species in freshwater and saltwater fishing. Because of their visual appeal, they work best in lightly stained or clear waters. Spoon lures are designed to mimic different types of small fish, so you can tailor your specific lure to please your desired predator. Coming in a variety of weights, sizes, and finishes, spoon lures offer endless experimentation for your fishing experience.

Spoon lures’ main benefit is that they bring the type of fish you want to your hook. Fish can’t resist their flashy charm–especially when they are fooled into believing that your wiggling spoon is their favorite snack.

Different Types of Spoon Lures

The most common types of spoon lures include traditional, trolling, weedless, surface, and jigging. Traditional lures are typically stamped metal casting spoons colored red and white, oval in shape, and range in size from 1/36 ounce to over 3 ounces. These spoons include a treble or single hook. The hook swings as the lure wobbles to snag the catch. Trolling spoons are significantly lighter and slimmer than their traditional counterparts. Weighing in at approximately ⅛ of an ounce, these lures are best used with a downrigger or similar depth control trolling system rather than casting. Their broad fluttering motion easily lures open water species.

Weedless spoons captivate fish hiding in aquatic vegetation. The beauty of these lures lies in their single hook, which is welded onto the body. This ensures that you will snag a live creature rather than a log. Simply lower this lure into an open hole or experiment with different retrieval methods. For added allure, push a plastic grub or pork rind onto the hook. Weighing in at ¼ ounce to 1⅛ ounces, these lures can suit a variety of fishing needs.

Surface spoons are ideal for twitching above thick cover to entice large bass and the like out of their hiding places in the summer. These spoon’s flexible tails and attention-grabbing sparkle are sure to interest large predator fish such as muskies and pike. On the flip side, jigging spoons are largely used for encouraging deep-water catches to strike through vertical jigging. Because of their generous weight and flat metal bodies, they cut through the water quickly. As the jigging falls, fish may strike, so be prepared to set the hook before the lure reaches its intended depth.

How to Tie a Spoon Lure

For best results, use a Palomar knot, improved clinch knot, or similar knot to tie a barrel swivel to the end of your main fishing line. This allows the lure to wobble and attract fish. Then, apply a Palomar knot or improved clinch knot to attach a 3 foot-4 foot leader to the opposite end of the barrel swivel. Finally, use the same type of knot to fix the leader to the spoon lure.

As a personal preference, you may knot a snap swivel to the end of the line and attach the spoon lure to the snap swivel.

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