5 Tips for Organizing Your Tackle Box

5 Tips for Organizing Your Tackle Box

Fishing has a reputation for being a soothing, laid back activity, that is until you’ve hooked a big one. At that point, the sport evolves into a race against time as you work to reel in your catch. Your tackle box contains all the necessary tools for success, including lures, hooks, line, and more. The quality of the box, and how well it’s organized, can make a huge difference.

If your tackle box is a cluttered, disorganized mess, finding exactly what you need exactly when you need it will be far more difficult. Our skilled fishing enthusiasts at Special Mate know how frustrating this can be, which is why we’d like to share some of our best  tackle organization ideas with you.

Sort by Species First

If you typically take more than one box with you at a time, designate one for a specific species, such as bass, and another for a different species, such as trout. If you prefer to use one box, designate different sections for different species of fish. From there, group different types of tackle and lures together: soft bait with other soft bait, plugs with plugs, etc. Once you establish this system, stick to it. Don’t be tempted to place the wrong lure in the wrong section just because you’re in a hurry.

Keep Soft Baits in Their Bag

Soft bait will dry out if you just throw it in your box without proper protection. Keeping them in their bags is one option, and this will also let you know exactly which type of soft tackle it is you’re using. Instead of opening each compartment to see what’s inside, you can just sort through the bags and make your selection from there. You can also place soft bait in special, sealed containers to preserve their moisture. Keep the same types of soft baits together, as mixing two different types can cause them to wear down or become damaged.

Use Labels

Even if you have sections of your box committed to memory, labels are still incredibly helpful. If you’re in a sticky situation, you may not be able to recall exactly where a certain tool is, which can cost you a great catch and bragging rights. Be sure to use durable labels and permanent markers to ensure your labels stay put, even when exposed to water.

Make Sure Tools Are Accessible

Tools, such as pliers and line-cutters, are the things you most often need in a pinch. As a result, they must be easily accessible when you need them. Consider storing these items outside the box, in an external pouch. That way you know where they are at all times, and you won’t need to go digging through your tackle box to find them.

Store Hooks Safely

Getting stuck with a hook can really put a damper on your fun experience. Instead of leaving them loose in the box, push hooks into a wine cork to keep them organized and safe. That way, you can pick up the entire cork and extract the hook from it, instead of picking through a compartment and risk injuring your fingers.

In addition to knowing how to organize fishing tackle, choosing the right tackle box can also make organization a breeze. Here at Special Mate, we take great pride in the products we offer. We design our tackle boxes to meet the needs of the serious angler, which is why we use high quality materials that are durable and efficient. We also design our boxes in a way that makes it easy for you to keep your things neat and tidy, so you never have to go searching around for that perfect lure. Feel free to check out our selection of products for a more efficient fishing experience.